Sage 200 is the right solution for:
Companies that have outgrown Sage 50
But how do you know you have?
Companies using older outdated software
But how do you know you need Sage 200?
Growing businesses
How can Sage 200 help?
Companies that have outgrown Sage 50
But how do you know you have?
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We all love Sage 50, but could it be holding your business back?

Sage 50 is a great product and we have lots of happy customers using it, however, we also recognise that while its great for small and growing businesses it does have limitations, especially as your business grows and things get more complex.

That’s why we also have lots of happy customers using Sage 200 who made the jump when they realised it was was time to move on to software that is appropriate to their business as it is now (rather than when they first started). 

Key indicators its time to look at Sage 200

  • You process a large number of transactions (such as invoices, orders etc.) on a yearly basis and you end up with a jam packed Audit Trail
  • Your team are regularly ‘twiddling their thumbs’ while looking at messages saying ‘Waiting for Queue.dta’ or ‘Waiting for Process.dta’
  • You encounter data corruption on a regular basis that leads to “backup paranoia” where you backup 2-3 times a day
  • You use Excel, manual processes or paper to tackle business processes that Sage 50 can’t manage
  • You only use Sage 50 for accounts and the rest of the business uses other products such as Excel, or other more specific business software
  • You re-key information from various products into Sage
  • You can’t get the reports or data that you need to make timely business decisions

If you recognise any of the above or have any other concerns then why not have a free chat with one of our consultants?

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Companies using older outdated software
But how do you know you need Sage 200?
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  • You are using older ‘legacy’ software that hasn’t been updated for years
  • Your software is difficult to maintain and receives poor support from your supplier
  • Your software works for your accounts department but not your other departments  
  • You struggle to keep up with changes in legislation such as Brexit and Making tax Digital  
  • You need software for Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Services you provide, Project Costing  
  • Your business uses far to much paper
  • You can’t get the information you need or at the right time to make effective business decisions
  • More people need access to your business software for it to be effective  
  • You need a Cloud based solution that reduces IT costs and provides fast access for remote workers and offices
We have helped numerous customers to move to modern, efficient and effective solutions - why not speak to a consultant to see how we can help?

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Growing businesses
How can Sage 200 help?
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  • Your business has expanded and you need a product that matches your business as it is now
  • You need software that can scale as your business grows
  • Sage 200 can support a small number or large number of users as your headcount grows  
  • Sage 200 has a range of add-on modules via the Appstore which can be tapped into to support your other business processes outside of accounts
  • Solutions for specific industry requirements such as Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Costing... 
  • A Cloud based solution that can support one or multiple sites as well as remote workers – wherever they are in the world  
  • A built in CRM solution to make sure you manage everything from your future sales to customer service
Speak to a consultant to see if Sage 200 is right for your growing business.

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What is Sage 200?

Sage 200 consists of highly integrated software modules designed to help your business run smoothly and efficiently, connecting up your business and sharing information. It is highly flexible software designed to suit the way you do business and we can tailor it to exactly match your business requirements.
  • A business-wide software solution - Manage your finances, customers, end-to-end supply chain and business insight, all in a single solution.
  • Fast return on investment - Experience fast implementation and improved efficiencies, allowing you to quickly spot trends or data anomalies and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Get key business insight - Get quick and easy reporting and more detailed analysis with Sage 200 Business Intelligence and Excel reporting for Sage 200.
  • Tailored to meet your needs - Customise the solution to fit your business. We can tailor your software and get you up and running quickly and easily.
  • Get up and running quickly and easily - Easy to install and adapt, Sage 200 offers the choice and flexibility to fit the needs of your business as it changes and grows.
  • One view of your customers - Sage 200 CRM gives you a 360 degree view of your customer, enabling you to manage the complete customer lifecycle. One free user is included as standard with Sage 200. 

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Discover how Italica Foods found new success with Sage 200

Italica Foods Brand Asset
“We'd been using Sage 50 successfully for many years, but we noticed we were spending more and more time maintaining it”
Step 1

Who are Italica Foods?

From its inception Italica has held true to one aim, to offer quality Products, Distribution Service and After Sales Care to all of its customers.

By working closely with their clients by listening to their needs, they source and import the finest products to match their exact requirements. Italica is a true market innovator and follows the market trends of both Wine and Provisions, sourcing new lines throughout the market. They work in close partnership with their suppliers to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality and service provided to their customers.

Italica UK Ltd was created from over 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Distribution of fine Italian Wines and Provisions. They use their knowledge and understanding of customer requirements to carefully select a range of quality products.

View Italica's Site

Why did they choose Sage 200?

Like many Sage 50 customers, the Sage product had served them well for many years and as Italica grew they used more and more of Sage 50. It is safe to say that Sage 50 was the backbone of the business.

However, due to business growth it was apparent to Italica that they needed to take the next step and move to a solution that supported their business as they are now as well as their future growth plans.

It was apparent that Sage 200 had the extra functionality built in to cater for the reasons that more and more paper and spreadsheets were being used in Italica. 

On top of the increasing functional elements, Italica had suffered some data issues due to increasing users, IT issues and the sheer volume of transactions. As a result they had implemented a strict check data and backup 
routine which meant that they had considerable downtime during the day. All of which would be resolved with a move to Sage 200.

Step 2
Black Shoes Standing on Decision Arrows

The process of choosing a solution

Having identified that a new solution was required, they decided to undertake an internal departmental review of requirements and business issues which would need addressing by a new solution.

Having undertaken the review and collated the information they then drew up a shortlist of software applications to review. 

Some of the applications seemed to offer similar functionality that was similiar to what was on offer in Sage 50, and although they were well advertised products they were quickly discounted.

Italica then proceeded to a selection process which involved various software partners showcasing their software based on their requirements.
“The thought of upgrading to a larger solution was quite daunting but Andy and the team made the process fairly painless”
Step 3

The Project kick off meeting

The Project kick off meeting is where the project truly starts and is often an action packed day, with a great deal of positivity. This is where Italica truly started to feel confident they had made the right choice, both in their chosen supplier and team, as well as software.

Besides a meet and greet where the sales hands over takes place it also introduces the project managers and consultants who will be delivering the project. 

Using Prince2 methodology and other best practices, requirements and current business issues are gathered, KPI's and other success criteria are identified, risks are noted with potential mitigation options as well as many other elements. Copious notes are taken in order to create the project documentation and scope.
Meeting Scene With Four People
Step 4
Prince2 Logo

Project documentation and scope

Following the kick off meeting the information gathered is used to create the project documentation.

This document although flexible is the guide and plan to which the project will flow. Once Italica agreed the document, including its scope, issues and plan to address, KPI's and other elements they knew what a successful project would look like as well as what dates they needed to add to their diaries.

The project documentation, including the people and time requirements for Italica helped them plan ahead to ensure they met their target go-live date
Step 5

Requirements gathering and testing

As with all businesses, processes and procedure have grown organically based on increasing customer demand, increasing numbers of customers and suppliers along with general business complexity.

The Sage 200 project at Italica was a great time to review processes and procedures to make sure they are 'fit for purpose' and logical. The Onesys team are well versed in process mapping and identifying processes that don't make sense, could be made more efficient or could now be systemised within the Sage 200 project (rather than being a manual process).

This is where Italica could start to see the additional benefits that Sage 200 could provide that they had never identified before as well as drawing from the knowledge and experience of a team that had delivered solutions to many businesses of a similar type and scale.

Harvesting Wheat
“Cleaning our data was a bit of a pain but a huge benefit to our business!”
Step 6

Data extraction, cleansing and manipulation

Business data is the life blood of any business, without it a business cannot function properly. It is the information that not only allows a business to see how it is performing but supports all business processes from sales, to customer service and purchasing. However, business data can quickly get out of hand and become unwieldy as it is collected over the years.

This part of the project process allows a business to cleanse and update their existing data. Although this process can be time consuming it is a fantastic opportunity for a business to build a strong data platform for moving forwards. The exisitng Italica Sage 50 data was extracted for cleansing and transformed for use in Sage 200. This transformation takes 2 parts, to add in the revised codes and structures and to add in extra data that Sage 200 can hold that Sage 50 does not cater for. 

As a result this part of the process enabled Italica to not only utilise clean business data but to have extra reporting and data analysis options. 
Man Typing Printed Sheet up on Laptop
“Using our data for training made a lot of sense, it helped us see we had made the right decisions on software, partner and the way the software was being configured”
Step 7
Sage Training Promo

The training plan and user training

As the project moved on and requirements were gathered, options set within the software data was imported into the software, Italica were ready to move to the training phase of the project.

By using a tried and tested training mtholdolgy, Italica knew exactly who was to be trained and when (based on the training plan within the project plan) and in what areas.

Onesys training is aimed at multiple levels from pure functional training to train the trainer to ensure solution adoption.

Furthermore, we always train the customer on their business data (see the data and extraction step) as this ensure the solution makes sense and decisions on data and software options can be tested as part of the training. By taking this approach Italica gained the benefit of ensuring they boith know and trust the software but also that options are set correctly based on business requirements.
Step 8

User acceptance testing (UAT)

UAT is started as part of the training process but stretches further to ensure that the software is configured to match as close as possible exact requirements.

Following training and as the Sage 200 software is typically available to everyone as we move to the go-live phase, detailed UAT can takes place.

Italica used this part of the process to ensure that the software was configured to their requirements and that the processes were efficient. By documenting and improving on any findings we were able to fine tune the solution so that it delivers optimal efficiency.

The UAT process involves customer testing, documentaiton, re-working where appropriate and customer sign-off. Effectively once Italica were happy the solution was good to launch!
Checklist on Computer Screen
“Having Andy and the team on-site for go-live made all the difference, our confidence grew from that day”
Step 9

Go-live day with on-site support

After UAT and training followed further refinements the solution moves to the go-live phase.

This was an unnerving and wary time for Italica as they were about to deploy a new solution which would have a big impact on their business (good or bad!). However, the Onesys team were well versed in this process having overseen many previous successful go-lives.

By using our tried and tested process, the latest business data was extracted, transformed and imported into a new Sage 200 company. As this was effectively the second extraction this part of the process can be performed quickly to minimise business downtime.

On go-live day, 2 consultants were on-site to ensure things went smoothly as the Italica team started to use Sage 200 in a live scenario. By being on-site the consultants ensured all users were happy with the new ways of working (from training and UAT) and as a result confidence in the software was instilled from the start.

Italica were now on Sage 200.
Step 10

On-going support and account management

As Italica's confidence with the software grew, they became more and more adept at using the software and as always started to think of new ways they could get more from the software (typically as more data is available to analyse more reporting becomes available).

Italica utilise the support team, their existing project manager and their account manager who visits them on a regular basis to identify new requirements, improve the software even further and discuss future growth.

They now never want to give Sage 200 up!

Get in touch to start your Sage 200 journey today.

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