What is Kitting & Assembly?

Kitting & assembly is simply a method that can be used when managing the process of manufacturing. It can be used to manage both the raw materials being used and the finished products that are developed, providing you with the support you need to get the very best results.

Kitting is commonly used in logistics as well as production, adapting its use to suit your needs, making it a versatile and valuable solution. It works to gather and organise the components needed when building a product so that it is easier to access the items and streamline the production process, helping you to get the best value from time and costs.

Assembly is the process of using each component and building a specific product using a set of instructions and the items gathered during the kitting process. By making the decision to use kitting & assembly, you can look forward to a better understanding of your inventory as well as a more streamlined system that can yield better results.

Kitting & Assembly: Cim50, Cim200, Sicon and Acumatica

Kitting & Assembly for Manufacturers

Cim200 Manufacturing
What is Cim200 Manufacturing?
Cim50 Manufacturing
What is Cim50 Manufacturing?
Sicon Kitting
What is Sicon Kitting?
What is Acumatica Manufacturing?
Cim200 Manufacturing
What is Cim200 Manufacturing?
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Cim is an award winning Sage Business Partner and complete IT solutions provider. Cim200 is perfect for manufacturing businesses who want to be equipped with all of the tools required to control each stage of the manufacturing process, as well as getting full control and confidence that you need from your business software. 
Cim200 is familiar to those who have are currently using Sage 200 Manufacturing, giving you everything you need out of a manufacturing solution. 

Cim200 Bill of Materials

Additional Cim200 features have been added to the Sage 200 Bill of Materials module to enhance your manufacturing  build processes. Functionality has been added to improve production efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments. Kit Bill of Materials functionality enables assembly environments to streamline kitting and despatch processes.

At the point of despatch, the ‘kit’ is built, removing all the components from stock that are required. The Bill of Material is added into stock, and then despatched.

Discover Cim200 Manufacturing 
Cim50 Manufacturing
What is Cim50 Manufacturing?
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Cim50 is a modular system that provides you with all the tools you need to manage your business. Whether you are looking for enhanced Stock Control to go beyond the capabilities of Sage 50 Accounts or you are looking for a complete manufacturing package to control all aspects of your business Cim50 is a revolutionary new product that gives you control and confidence you need from your business critical software.

Cim50 Bill of Materials
With Cim50 Bill of Materials you have the ability to track every change made ensuring your records are maintained correctly. Trial Kitting provides you with an overview for the items you may wish to build, checking for shortages. Easily raise works and purchase orders for several jobs, ensuring manufacturing and purchasing costs are more efficient.
Sicon Kitting
What is Sicon Kitting?
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Sicon Kitting is a fully integrated module that runs within Sage 200. Create single level part lists using Sage 200 Stock items that can be allocated and issued to make a finished product. Kits can be built manually or within a Sales Quote and Sales Order. Where Sage 200 Bill of Materials is too complex, Kitting provides an alternative solution.
What is Acumatica Manufacturing?
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Automate processes, improve data visibility, boost manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. 
  • Production Management
  • Product Definition
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Distribution Management
  • Data Collection and Automation
  • Finance and Reporting
Discover Acumatica Manufacturing

The Benefits of Kitting & Assembly

If you are wondering whether kitting & assembly is right for your needs, take a look at the main benefits you can look forward to:
·        Improved Efficiency – less time searching for parts, reduced downtime and a higher level of productivity.

·        Better Accuracy – as the kitting process works to locate the components needed, the accuracy of each build increases, reducing issues and improving output levels.

·        Lower Project Costs – as efficiency and speed are increased during both the kitting and assembly processes, the costs associated with them will reduce, increasing the cost efficiency at each stage.

·        Better Outcomes – as kitting & assembly processes thrive on quality organisation, the end products produced are typically of a higher quality too, reducing defects and improving customer satisfaction.

How Kitting & Assembly Can Be Used By Manufacturers

With so much to offer, kitting & assembly can make the process of manufacturing easier, no matter what type of manufacturing you need. Some of the key types of manufacturing that can benefit from kitting & assembly includes:

·      Cim 200 Manufacturing
·      Cim50 Manufacturing
·      Sicon Kitting
·      Acumatica

No matter which manufacturing software solutions you have in place, kitting & assembly is a valuable tool to help you streamline and increase your production as well as reducing the margin of error and ensuring consistency in each of your builds.


Find Out More About Manufacturing Software Solutions

If you are keen to learn more about kitting & assembly and need a partner that you can trust, Onesys is here to help. As your local business partner, we will work hard to take you through your options, explain the benefits on offer and help you proceed with confidence. Contact us today and let our experts provide you with the solutions you need.

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