What are Manufacturing CRM Systems?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a technological solution to support your business in managing all aspects of interactions with existing and potential customers. The sophisticated software allows for a team to share information and gives a 360 degree overview of relationships with customers.

Why CRMs are Important for Your Businesses

CRMs are important in building and maintaining effective relationships with existing customers as interactions can be personalised and tailored to the person. It also improves interactions with potential customers, giving your team the knowledge and understanding to convert potential customers into existing customers.

By utilising a CRM, you are implementing a system that allows colleagues to work more efficiently as a team. This type of manufacturing business solution now only improves customer relations, but it also gives greater visibility over your supply chain. Sales forecasting, inventory management, order processing and distribution chains are all common features of a manufacturing CRM. If you currently have spreadsheets and different systems for different parts of your processes, then a CRM will bring it all together in a simple format. Leaving you to focus your attention on growing your business.


Discover the latest CRM systems compatible with our Onesys software

Every business is unique, and this means that you will probably have slightly different requirements to other businesses. At Onesys we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach as the purpose of a CRM is to help your business become more efficient and successful. CRM software for manufacturing industry comes in different packages and at Onesys we have experts on hand to help guide you to get the best software solutions for your business.

Already Using a CRM?

If you are already using a CRM, don’t discount getting in touch with Onesys to find out more about what is on offer. There are a variety of different software packages on the market, and you may find that a CRM for manufacturing business suits your needs more than the one you currently have. Alternatively, many CRMs can be configured with additional tools being added that could help to streamline your processes even further.

New to Manufacturing CRM Software?

If you don’t currently use a CRM, our experts can give you live demonstrations of what they can do for you, answering any questions you might have. This could include Xapsys, Sicon CRM or Sage CRM. Configuring these manufacturing CRM systems is something we can work through with you to ensure you get maximum benefits from your new system.

Empower your sales, marketing and customer care teams to do more, with a CRM.

With the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you can empower your marketing, sales and customer service teams to do so much more. A CRM can help automate processes and increase efficiences, it can work as a single point of access for multiple teams and members of staff which can maximise productivity and it can monitor success from lead generation all the way through to conversion. Sound good?

Our team have a wealth of knowledge about CRMs and the manufacturing industry. This allows us to support you in finding the right system to meet your needs. If you are looking to grow, business software for professional services will help. Get in touch and find out more today.

Call our experts on 0845 026 2255 or contact us online.

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