What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is a customer relationship management solution which allows businesses to manage critical sales, marketing and customer service processes with ease.

Rich in functionality and easy to deploy, this CRM software is designed to help you do business your way. Sage CRM allows you to manage every interaction with customers and prospects across your entire business. Key business processes are streamlined and features such as integration with MS Outlook, Twitter, LinkedIn and sites such as Google Maps help your staff get valuable customer intelligence quickly so that they can operate.

Sage CRM is much more than a sales management tool, it benefits marketing, customer service and management teams right across your business.


Key Features of Sage CRM

Focussed Sales Management
Helps priorities sales opportunities, improves sales management data, a workflow aligns teams, improves accountability and improves productivity
Highly targeted marketing
Create sophisticated marketing campaigns, analyse and refine campaigns, use e-marketing to generate leads, create Email templates for campaigns and track opens, clicks and bounces.
Ease of use and Integration
Easy to use, anytime, anywhere, email integration, social media integration as standard and Sage ERP Financial integration
Excellent customer service
Access to critical customer information, escalation procedures
Product Overview - Sage CRM Key Features in More Detail 

Focused Sales & Customer Relationship Management

Sage CRM provides your sales team with the tools they need to do their job more effectively. It speeds up processes and helps you respond to customers quicker. Accurate, real-time data helps your sales teams focus on the big wins. It allows sales teams to prioritise leads and nurture leads for the future.

The sales pipeline can be analysed instantly within Sage CRM. Follow-up activities can be assigned to the personnel best equipped to handle those leads, which ensures greater productivity from staff. Sage CRM software allows you to specify lead assignment rules based on sales territories allowing you to evaluate performance by territory.
Built in ‘workflow’ is available ‘out-of-the-box’ and can be customised to suit your business. Workflow ensures sales users follow the same process and no opportunities are allowed to ‘fall through the cracks'.

Product information can be directly accessed within the Sage CRM software so that sales brochures and other documents are up to date and used consistently in sales proposals and quotes. Pre-defined sales templates can help your staff quickly generate sales proposals to help teams maximise productivity.  Sage CRM provides point and click reporting and graphs as standard, so that sales teams always have easy access to detailed business data and graphs to make informed decisions and help business forecasting. All graphs and reports can be made available on the Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard for instant access.

Highly targeted marketing

Customer Relationship Management software should allow you to make informed decisions. Sage CRM software enables you to create sophisticated marketing campaigns to highly targeted groups. It saves time and helps you maximise effectiveness of your campaign spend. Within Sage CRM you can segment your database and target specific groups of contacts with a tailored message. Then Sage CRM E-Marketing functionality allows you to send a series of messages within Drip Marketing campaigns, each building on the communication and selling process of the last email. Scheduling follow-up activities for defined sales call lists ensures that all opportunities can be followed up routinely. Marketing spend can be allocated against specific marketing campaigns so that return on investment can easily be calculated.

Excellent customer service

Sage CRM gives customer service teams access to a central database containing all the information they need to do their job effectively. With customer information quickly to hand from within the Customer Relationship Management software delays are avoided. Sage CRM also allows businesses to define escalation procedures so you can be sure that no customer issues are left unresolved. 

Easy to use, anytime, anywhere

Sage CRM software provides users with instant access to calendars, accounts, reports, pipelines, contacts and call lists. It gives them an easy to use CRM software tool with Email integration to store the latest update on their sales leads, to schedule future calls and manage their sales activities. Sage CRM Mobile gives instant access to sales data when on the move, or working remotely. 

The Sage CRM interactive dashboard is a highly visual workspace which can be customised to suit individual needs. Graphs and tables allow the user to drill down into the detail. It allows sales staff to manage their activities effectively and instantly track progress without ever having to switch between screens. Integration with Social Media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook enables your teams to research leads and communicate through social media channels without having to leave Sage CRM.
Integration across your business

Sage CRM integrates with Sage ERP modules and is designed to help you join up your data and remove silos of information. It improves front and back-office communications by giving sales staff access to both financial and non-financial customer data. Staff are able to work together more effectively to meet objectives when the customer interactions across departments and activities is clearly visible. For example, data from Sage ERP would allow a sales manager to check availability of stock across different locations and review the status of orders without having to wait to consult colleagues. It helps remove the potential for delays and ensures that you can give customers accurate information and improve customer service.

Optimise your business processes with Sage...

Onesys Cloud Services

Onesys are delighted to offer a new hosting service for all your Sage hosting needs. So if you are thinking of migrating to a new server, or you are considering ‘cloud’ as an IT policy, please get in touch

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