How to Reclaim Control Over Your Manufacturing Processes with Sage, Cim50 & Cim200 Software

Sage stopped developing and supporting their manufacturing software products in September 2021. Since then, they have advised manufacturers to migrate to CIM software instead.
Cim50 and Cim200 are ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) that work alongside Sage 50cloud Accounts and Sage 200 respectively. Both software products provide manufacturers with all they need to control each stage of their manufacturing processes - from planning, to stock control, to materials management.

Why do manufacturers use ERP systems?

ERP systems provide many benefits for businesses, especially within the manufacturing industry.

New ERP systems such as Cim50 and Cim200 offer integrated business management capabilities, so companies can rely on just one software system to tie together all their business processes.

Without employing an ERP system, most businesses would have to run multiple IT systems for different departments and manually transfer data between each department.

By utilising ERP software, companies can regain control over their entire manufacturing process. This is necessary in order to deliver high-quality products and leading customer service, which in turn can lead to increased profits, repeat customers and business expansion.

In contrast, using an old/legacy ERP system such as Sage 200 Manufacturing can negatively impact a manufacturing business.

Avoid using old or legacy manufacturing software

If your business still relies on the same ERP software you’ve been using for 5+ years, there’s a good chance your ability to consistently produce high-quality products has become impaired.

Old and legacy software products are generally burdened by loosely integrated tools that hinder, rather than promote, access to business insights and real-time data. They tend to rely on obsolete technologies that aren’t capable of handling today’s manufacturing industry challenges.

If the ERP system you’re using has entered into the legacy stage, it’s important to note that you won’t receive any tech support if you encounter any system issues.

Legacy software isn’t supported, developed, or maintained by developers, so it’s important to ensure your manufacturing ERP system is up-to-date and capable of delivering the insights you need.

Reclaim control over your manufacturing processes

Modern manufacturing software solutions, such as Cim50 and Cim 200, deliver business insights by streamlining and automating financial forecasting, customer data management, and warehouse management.

Here are 5 ways Cim200 will help you regain control over your business processes:

1. Complete stock control

To enable Cim200 to integrate seamlessly with Sage 200 Stock Control, all development has been implemented using the same well-known Sage user interface.

New features have been added to Cim200, including: a detailed stock profile showing current and projected stock levels, a rapid entry stock movements screen, and an audit log that shows any amendments made to a stock item.

These features allow manufacturers to make quick and easy stock movements and regain control of their overall stock levels.

2. Comprehensive materials management

Additional functionality within Cim200’s Bill of Materials module allows for improved efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments.

For example, production line environments can now take advantage of multiple routes, enabling them to react to changing demands on production lines and maximise output. Food, chemicals, and other ingredient-based manufacturers can utilise Cim200 Percentage BoM functionality to ensure production accuracy. Kit BoM functionality enables assembly environments to streamline kitting and despatch processes.

As with other Cim200 modules, these features have been created using the Sage200 user interface, resulting in a seamless integration.

3. Enhanced sales order processing

Cim200’s integration with Sage 200 Commercials provides improved order routines.

Features such as quick text and the capacity to add courier details to sales orders have been added to Cim200 to allow for quicker and easier ordering processes.

When despatching a sales order users can now enter additional courier details against the delivery. These details include courier name, total package weight, and tracking number, and are subsequently printed on the relevant paperwork.

Quick text functionality provides a library of free text lines that can be used for speed and accuracy when entering large amounts of text repeatedly. These quick text lines are setup with a maintenance screen and can quickly be added to sales orders.

4. Easily manage production lines

The Cim200 Works Order module provides users with the functionality to control and monitor all items that they currently have in production, either as sub-assemblies for other BoMs, or as finished items to be despatched on sales orders to fulfil customer demand.

A suite of powerful enquiry screens and documents provides production staff with complete visibility to track each process effortlessly. Production managers can also utilise Cim200 Capacity Planning functionality to ensure there is sufficient capacity to satisfy demand.

5. Accurate planning and despatch times

Meeting customer demands in the timeliest and most cost-effective way is one of the key elements required from a manufacturing software. The Cim200 Planning module is one of the most important in helping achieve this goal.

The Cim200 Planning module reads demands from across all other modules, whether it be customer demand via a sales order, shopfloor demand from a works order, or maintaining stock levels through a make for stock order.

The module encapsulates all requirements into one easily controlled screen, detailing all the finished goods and components that are needed, giving the user full flexibility to choose the most appropriate supplier or amend the build or purchase quantities to suit.

Contact us about our manufacturing software packages

If you’d like to know more about Cim50 or Cim200, and how they could help your manufacturing business to thrive, please call our team on 01423 330335, or email us at

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