Has your business outgrown Cim50? Migrate to Cim200

Cim50 is an incredibly versatile manufacturing software solution for small-midsized businesses.
The software easily integrates with Sage 50cloud Accounts and boasts a modular design, so users can pick and choose which capabilities they utilise within their business. With modular products such as Cim50, business processes can be kept as simple or as intricate as needed.

That being said, Cim50 does have its limitations due to its compatibility with Sage 50cloud Accounts.
Rapid business development, expanding product ranges and increasing employee numbers can all put pressure on the capabilities of Cim50 and cause issues with logistics.

Common signs that a business has outgrown Cim50:
  • Slow and error-prone processes – As data mounts up in Cim50 (and Sage 50cloud Accounts), users can experience time-delays and system crashes.
  • Data errors and corruption – Mounting data can also lead to data errors. Whilst data can be recovered, it can lead to system downtime, which is not only frustrating but can delay the entire manufacturing process.
  • Large employee numbers – Sage 50 Standard only allows 2 users, while Sage 50 Professional allows up to 20 users. This can lead to issues within Cim50 if many employees need access to the software.
  • Limited multi-company capabilities – Whilst it’s possible to have multiple companies in Sage 50, each company is held separately from one another. This can lead to issues within Cim50 if products need to be manufactured for different companies.
If your business is struggling with any of these issues, then migrating from Cim50 to Cim200 might be the best option for you.

Why choose Cim200?
Cim200 is perfect for businesses that have outgrown Cim50 and need extra functionality from their manufacturing software solution. Cim200 fully integrates and builds on the intuitive design of Sage 200, making it easy to adopt and use.

Cim200 provides businesses with improved manufacturing process efficiencies, streamlined data entry and maximised manufacturing output potential.

Modules Within Cim200:
  • Stock Control – Track and maintain the items you sell, buy and manufacture with a rapid entry stock movement screen.
  • Bill of Materials – Improve your manufacturing build processes and production efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments.
  • Commercials – Enhance your existing order routine with quick text, courier details and better scheduling of sales orders.
  • Works Orders – Control and monitor all the items that are currently in production either as sub-assemblies or items to be despatched.
  • Planning – Encapsulate all production requirements into one easily controlled screen, detailing the finished goods and components needed to fulfil the demand.
5 Key Benefits of Cim200:
  • Streamlines Manufacturing Processes – Pulls together Sage 200 data and manufacturing records to improve process efficiencies and streamline data entry.
  • Clearer Stock Visibility – Assign alerts to stock records within the Stock Control module to become immediately aware when more stock is needed.
  • Encourages Business Growth – Clear stock level and cash flow control enables business owners to focus on business growth and expansion.
  • Money Saving – Supplier prices and other metrics can be viewed as line graphs and pie charts for easy visualisation, which makes it easy to see where money can be saved.
  • Time Saving – Additional features such as a Quick Text library within the Commercials module allow work to be completed quicker, saving valuable business time.
Why migrate to Cim200 with Onesys?
A software migration is not something to fear. Many businesses assume that upgrading their systems will lead to excessive down time and production issues, however this isn’t the case with Onesys.

At Onesys we take pride in making the migration process as simple as possible and keeping costs to a minimum. We understand that data is businesses’ number one asset, therefore keeping downtime to a minimum is a key consideration within our system upgrade projects.

Cim200 features an in-built migration tool, which transfers data directly into the system, saving many days of data imports and exports.

At Onesys we can also help with data cleansing and restructuring as part of the migration process.

Contact Us
If you’d like to speak to us about migrating from Sage 50cloud Accounts and Cim50 to Sage 200 and Cim200, please call us on 01423 330335, or email us at


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