The 6 Key Benefits of Working with a Sage Business Partner

If you’re a business owner and you’re thinking about implementing new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you may be overwhelmed by the options available.
One that you’ve probably heard of already is Sage.

Sage is currently the UK’s second largest technology company, the world’s third largest supplier of ERP software and has 6.1 million customers worldwide – so it’s a popular choice.

Why choose Sage?

Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting and payroll systems, and a well-known provider of ERP software too. Their software solutions provide customers with the tools, expertise and support they need to innovate, make smart business decisions and grow their revenue.

Sage’s market-leading software is well-known for its advanced capabilities, however, the software itself is only part of the equation. It’s equally important to pay attention to how your business software is configured, implemented, and supported.

That’s where Sage Business Partners come in.

What is a Sage Business Partner?

Authorised by Sage, Sage Business Partners are independent third-party businesses approved to act as a reseller or distributor of Sage software. Sage Business Partners also provide consulting, implementation and support services for Sage products.

Sage work with 40,000 Business Partners in 23 countries across the world, showing the scale of their operations.

At Onesys we’re a long-standing Sage Platinum Partner. This accolade recognises our excellent track record in providing top-level consultancy, customer service and support services across the entire range of Sage solutions for SMEs.

We’re also a recognised Sage Development Partner, creating bespoke solutions to expand on the base system. It’s fair to say we really know what we’re talking about when it comes to Sage!

Why work with a Sage Business Partner?

Working directly with Sage (or other software author) may seem like a sensible thing to do due to their size and reputable standing, however you shouldn’t disregard smaller, local business partners.

There are many benefits to working with a local Sage Business Partner, here are the main 5:

1. Easy, bespoke software implementation

We get it - implementing a new software system can seem stressful and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

To get the most out your Sage system, you’ll probably require some level of software customisation and configuration to meet the needs of your business, which Sage themselves don’t offer. Out-of-the-box software will rarely be able to complete all the tasks you need it to.

With a Sage Business Partner onboard, you’ll enjoy a faster and easier implementation process. Your partner of choice will identify your business’s unique needs and configure the software to specifically meet those needs.

Your software partner will also be able to recommend and implement enhancements along the way, ensuring your system is setup exactly as required. For example, your provider may suggest integrating a 3rd party app such as Sicon or Draycir that will add value to your business and allow for smoother business processes.

2. Personalised, local support

Initially, working directly with a large, well-known software author such as Sage might seem like a good idea due to their impressive reputation, however, their size can often work against you.

As we’ve already mentioned, Sage have more than 6.1 million customers worldwide, so the support they provide tends to be rather generalised and may not fix the specific issues you face.

You won’t encounter this issue with a smaller, local Sage Business Partner. Sage Business Partners don’t simply view their customers as a number – they’ll treat you as an individual and provide personalised support with the aim of fixing the problem you face.

At Onesys we’re big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

We provide all our customers with their own dedicated Account Manager. Our Account Managers are involved throughout the implementation process and beyond, so they’ll know all about your Sage system and how it works. You’ll always receive personalised support from us and won’t be passed around for others to deal with!

3. Increased profits & return on investment

ERP systems help businesses save time and money by streamlining operations, improving data visibility and improving communication between departments. With that in mind, the better your ERP system serves the needs of your business, the higher your profits will be.

A good Sage Business Partner will work with you to customise your Sage system, ensuring that it resolves pain points so you can run as efficiently as possible.

At Onesys we provide highly customised solutions to meet the business needs of small, medium and large businesses alike. We’ll do all that we can to implement an ERP solution that allows your business to be as successful as possible.

4. More flexibility

When you’re working with a software author such as Sage there won’t be much room for negotiation or flexibility within your contract. Large providers often require customers to choose a product or service level from a static pricing structure, which leaves little room for customisation or flexibility.

On the other hand, smaller Sage Business Partners usually provide customised, competitive quotes that are drawn up with your business in mind.

At Onesys we’re aware that business needs can change over time, so we offer as much flexibility within our contracts as possible. Our prices are always competitive and will reflect the system, service level and customisations you’ve opted for.

5. Full system training

In addition to handling the technical side of your Sage ERP implementation, most Sage Business Partners will provide hands-on software training for all your employees.

Advanced training opportunities will help you and your staff maximise your software investment and ensure you’re using the system to its full capabilities.

Some employees may assume ERP implementation will make their jobs more difficult. Detailed training will provide your employees with confidence to use your new system and allow them to see the software as an advantage and not a disadvantage.

At Onesys we’ll establish your training needs and provide detailed on-premise training from Sage experts. We also provide virtual classroom training courses for Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll software. These courses provide employees with the benefits of learning in a classroom environment without the need to leave their desks.

6. Specialist vertical and industry expertise

Sage Business Partners have their own strengths in different industry sectors. At Onesys we’re experts in providing bespoke software packages for manufacturing, distribution and professional service SMEs.

We know these industries inside out having worked alongside them since 1972. We’re well placed to suggest and implement the software you’ll need to run a successful manufacturing, distribution or professional services business.

We know the add-ons you’ll need, the software customisations you’ll require and we’re happy to provide advice that’ll allow your business operations to run as smoothly as possible.

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If you’d like to speak to us about Sage products, or would like to know more about our role as a Sage Platinum Business Partner, please call us on 01423 330335, or email us at

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