5 Advantages of Partnering with a Local Business Software Provider

The success of a business is ultimately linked to the technology that’s used to carry out its operations.
From business software, communication tools, or office hardware - if you want your business to be successful, you need to make sure the technology you’re using is up to the challenge.

ERP Software
Many business owners choose to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, such as Sage 200, to manage their business functions within one integrated system.

ERP software is commonly used by businesses working within the manufacturing and supply chain sectors to track trade and distribution. Healthcare, education, construction and other industries can also benefit from implementing ERP software to manage their staff, customers and inventory.

Local Software Vendors
There are many business software and ERP providers throughout the UK, and all will provide systems that allow you to work quicker and easier, but working with a local supplier can provide further advantages.

Here are 5 ways partnering with a local ERP vendor will help your business thrive:

1. Improved CSR
Partnering with a local software provider can help a business achieve its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals.

CSR policies are employed by business owners to help contribute to the wellbeing of communities and society through environmental and social measures. Common examples of CSR objectives include promoting volunteering among employees, donating to charity and minimising environmental impact.

One way to become ‘greener’ and to help combat climate change through business operations is to work with local businesses. At Onesys we have offices based in Yorkshire, including York and Leeds, as well as in Newcastle, Birmingham, Mansfield and London.

Working with local businesses reduces the physical distance between offices and decreases the need for excessive travel, helping to minimise carbon emissions when site visits are required.

2. Easier Communication & Better Customer Service
Local software vendors tend to be much smaller in size compared to large, national corporations. This means their employees are likely to know exactly what clients they work with, what services they receive and what goals they’re trying to achieve – without having to ask.

This makes communication channels a lot easier to navigate. For example, if your usual account manager is away, other account managers and employees will know exactly what help you need and what your expectations are. You won’t be passed around and have to wait for a call back from someone who doesn’t understand what software you’re working with or how it works for your business.

At Onesys we always keep in mind the importance of personal service and have a helpful attitude towards our customers. Whether we work on your account or not – we’ll strive to help.

3. Thriving Community
By working with a local software vendor, you’ll also be doing your bit to support your local community and economy.

Local businesses pay local taxes, bolstering the revenue available to improve nearby roads, schools, parks and other local amenities. Essentially, small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of their local communities. They are necessary in strengthening the offerings within their catchment area, creating jobs, and offering necessary products and services.

Businesses that forge close links with their communities typically have higher profiles, better reputations, stronger networks, more customers and happier employees, so, for both parties, it’s worth connecting with a local software vendor.

4. Differentiation From Competition
According to a recent survey by the Telegraph, only 22% of business leaders see community support as a priority within their business operations.

To differentiate your business from others, work with other local organisations to show your commitment to the community you live and work in. This will deliver positive results for everyone, including other organisations around you.

Cross-networking and working with other local businesses will no doubt prompt them to do the same. In the process you’ll make new contacts, reach new local customers and contribute to the community around you.

5. Access to Specialised Knowledge
Local IT and software providers often focus on becoming experts in specific areas, rather than trying to compete with large corporate companies that offer a multitude of services.

Due to this, employees within local businesses often gain very detailed knowledge of the sector in which they work. This expertise can then be used to help their customers’ businesses succeed.

At Onesys, for example, we specialise in delivering software for the manufacturing, distribution and professional services industries. Our professional and friendly team have many years’ experience in working with such clients, making us highly-qualified to deal with the intricacies of implementing manufacturing and distribution software.

Contact Us
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