4 Key Reasons to Upgrade Your Sage 200 System

Last month Sage 200 Professional users saw the release of Sage 200 Professional 2022 R2. The new software update came with a whole host of brand-new features for users to take full advantage of.
From courier tracking, to new Sales Order web screens, to enhanced API functionality, Sage updated their Professional software to suit their users’ needs perfectly.

Sage continue to do this across all of their Sage 200 products, including their Education and Financials software. Continuous updates ensure customers benefit from the latest tech innovations and allow bugs from previous releases to be patched and fixed.

Why upgrade your Sage 200 system?

If you’re already running a version of Sage 200, you may think there’s no reason to upgrade your system. You may also be wary of spending money on an upgrade that might not actually do anything – this isn’t something you have to worry about when upgrading Sage 200.

All new Sage 200 updates come with an abundance of new features and benefits that will allow you to manage your business quicker and easier.

Here are 4 more key reasons to upgrade your current Sage 200 system:

1. New Sage updates take on customer feedback

Not only do Sage updates fix bugs from previous versions, they also introduce new features that have been highly requested and strongly influenced by customer feedback.

Sage are great advocates of listening to their customers and are well known for implementing the feedback they’re given. This allows them to better their systems with each new update.

Previous customer feedback has led to many Sage 200 improvements, including: the ability to close all accounting periods at once, a feature that allows users to attach and scan documents, and an invoicing module that allows credit notes to be raised straight away.

Sage introduce these changes to help their customers optimise their business operations and work in a quicker, easier, and more agile way.

2. Ensure adherence to legislative changes

When running a business, there are countless regulations owners must abide by in order to remain legislatively compliant – and the rules are constantly changing.

Trying to manually keep track of these regulations can become all too time consuming, however, businesses that don’t risk major legal trouble.

Newer versions of Sage 200 avoid this by being compliant with important regulations straight out of the box. Recent versions of Sage 200, for example, are fully compliant with the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative and the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) updates.

3. Continuous support from Sage

Here at Onesys, regardless of what version of Sage 200 you’re running, you will always receive constant support from our team whenever you may need it.

That being said, Sage themselves do wind down the support they offer for older versions of Sage 200 as newer ones come in. This is one of the main reasons to upgrade your Sage 200 system.

If you you’re running an old version of Sage 200, upgrading to the latest release is the quickest way to ensure you’ll receive the latest patches and support from Sage.

4. Old versions of Sage 200 could become unsupported

As mentioned above, Sage wind down the support they offer for older versions of Sage 200 as newer ones come in. Eventually, old versions may become completely unsupported, which means users won’t receive bug fixes or security patches.

Unsupported software is vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals, and means you’ll be more susceptible to data leaks, spyware and viruses. Outdated Sage software can threaten your entire business operation – and Sage won’t be able to help if things go wrong.

Upgrade to the latest Sage 200 release to ensure your business continues to run smoothly and data is kept secure. Users who experience any problems using the latest Sage 200 software will be able to ask Sage for guidance and software support.

Contact us about Sage 200 software

If you’d like to know more about the latest Sage 200 updates, the support we offer, or just Sage 200 software in general, please call us on 01423 330335, or email our team at We’d be happy to help!

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