For Businesses Wanting to Manage Their Bill of Materials

The Sage 200 Bill of Materials module helps you create detailed Bills of Materials (BOM) for all your manufactured products, no matter how many components you use. BOMs may, in turn, use other BOMs (sub-assemblies) within them to provide a multilevel, hierarchical structure.
The module is available separately or as an integral part of the Sage 200 Manufacturing application, which enables you to:
  • Avoid running short of materials by identifying shortages
  • Manage all your machine, labour and sub-contracted operations
  • Plan your product build
  • Keeps track of complex costs including sub-contract, piece-work and tooling
  • Save time by creating purchase orders automatically.
  • Retained costing history
The Bill of Materials module enables you to define operations and activities performed by sub-contractors.

These can be defined as batch or piece work operations recording and may include, for example, labour costs, machine setup costs, run costs and close-down costs.

‘Operations’ comprise the labour and machine processes required to manufacture a finished item or sub-assembly. For each operation, you specify the labour and machine processes as well as the time required to complete the operation. This includes machine setup time. You can enter operation details individually each time you create a new BOM, or create a library of operations stored as templates in the ‘Operations Register’ to save time for subsequent use within BOMs.

Using it with the Trial Kitting function, you are able to check whether you have sufficient stock to build a quantity of any BOM. In addition, your production staff can identify shortages, and quickly raise purchase orders to cover these within the Purchase Order Processing module in Sage 200 Commercials

Features at a glance:

  • Sub-contract and piece work operations
  • Operation templates and BOM copy function
  • Trial Kitting and Maximum Build function
  • ‘Implosion’ and ‘explosion’ views
  • Scrap allowances
  • BOM Versioning
  • Allocate and issue to BOM builds

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