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How can I copy fields in Sage 50 Batch Purchase entry, as the Account code, Date and Invoice number are the same?

To copy the item above, press F6 on the keyboard.

How can Sage CRM help me manage social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter?

 Sage CRM is designed to help companies integrate social media activity with their existing customer and prospect data. The Sage CRM interactive dashboard allows users to browse social media sites from within Sage CRM removing the need to switch between applications saving the user huge amounts of time. 
Sage CRM has out-of-the-box integration with LinkedIn giving easy access to member profiles, it allows users to post or reply directly to a tweet from within Sage CRM and save tweets against contacts within Sage CRM to a note. Sage CRM allows users to display RSS and website feeds directly on their Sage CRM interactive dashboard. Sage CRM helps business organise market intelligence from social media and identify opportunities. 
Service & Support

I have a number of reports I run in Sage 50 at month end, how can I run them all at once?

Sage 50 has a feature called Batch Reporting, go to Tools | Batch reporting and create a new Batch reporting Set. Once you have created it, Click on the Add to Favourites in the window. To recall this at month end, Click on Favourites at the top and select from those presented.

Can I trade in foreign currency in Sage 50?

First you must run the Foreign Trader wizard, then you can trade successfully in other currencies. Please note this is only available in Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

I’m not sure whether I am really getting the most out of my current Sage 50 software and support package and I would like to find out how I can better value for money.

When you switch to Onesys Sage 50 support we offer an optional free health check to help you evaluate how you are using your system and what level of support is appropriate. We can then tailor our support to meet your needs.

We have bought a new user for our Sage 50, how do we apply the activation key you sent us?

In Sage 50 go to Tools |Activation | Upgrade programme, and enter your new Activation key into the box provided.

How can I check which version of Sage 50 software I am using?

In Sage 50, go to Help and About.

The exchange rate is incorrect and I know I changed it at the beginning of the month, can I check to see when it was last changed?

Yes. Go to the Accounting System Manager | Settings| Currencies and Exchange Rates, click on ‘View Currency History’, then pick your currency form the list.

How can I reverse a currency receipt I have entered incorrectly?

To reverse a currency transaction, you must de-allocate it first, then you must enter the opposite transaction type. So a Sales receipt, would have to be entered as a Sales Payment.

I have generated suggested payments, but the Financial Controller tells me it is far too much and I need to start again. How do I cancel them?

Provided you have not run the function Generate Payments, then you can use the Delete Suggested Payments option to clear it down. (NB On using the Generate Suggested Payments, it will prompt you that a suggested payments file already exists, ‘Do you wish to remove it?’ If starting again, you should click ‘Yes’)

What advantages are there to switching my Sage 50 support to Onesys?

nesys are an accredited Sage Business Partner with over 25 years experience. When you switch support to Onesys you will get a quick, professional response from a named contact within a small team who knows your business and can deal with your query from start to finish.

What is a CRM solution?

CRM is a means to achieve strategic goals. Its main aim is to help businesses acquire, manage and effectively prioritise customer relationships. A recent survey conducted by Gartner defined Customer Relationship Management as, “A business strategy whose outcomes optimise profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction… CRM technologies should enable greater customer insight, increased customer access, more effective customer interactions, and integration throughout all customer channels and back-office enterprise functions”. 
The term ‘Customer Relationship Management is however misleading in that CRM solutions help businesses manage relationships with contacts who have yet to become customers and can be defined as leads or sales opportunities as well as current or past customers, or even competitors and suppliers. 

Making Tax Digital 

Making Tax Digital is an HMRC initiative that aims to revolutionise the UK tax system and ultimately bring an end to self-assessment.
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