CIM50 Graphical Planner coming soon...

This was CIM’s number one development request and the good news is that it will be available in October 2023 alongside the 2024 CIM50 build. The Graphical Planner runs through a web browser but has full, 2-way integration with the core CIM50 application.

The CIM50 Graphical Planner provides additional benefits such as reducing costs, improving communication with production and the shop floor staff, and identifying and resolving problems quickly preventing delays and disruptions by improving efficiency. 

The planner has many features that make it a valuable tool for production planning, including:

- Resource conflict management: The planner can identify potential bottlenecks and help users to fine-tune production schedules to avoid delays.

- Dynamic colour coding: The planner uses dynamic colour coding to help users quickly identify the status of works orders and operations.

- Resource utilisation: The graphic planner provides information on resources application, to provide users with more information to understand where to allocate resources.

- Subassembly pegging dependencies: The planner can track the dependencies between subassemblies and the final products, which can help users see what is available when they are needed.

- Works order & operation detail: The planner provides detailed information on each works order and operation, including start and end dates, the resources needed, and the status.

- Multiuser capability: The planner can be used by multiple users simultaneously, which can help improve efficiency and collaboration.

- Grouping, searching, filtering: The planner allows users to group, search, and filter the works order and operation to find information quickly. 

- Lock work orders and operations: CIM50 Graphical Planner has a feature that allows users to lock work orders and operations to prevent unauthorised changes. 

We anticipate the module will cost an additional £28 per month plus an additional £5.50 on the user licence. To register your interest, or to learn more, please get in touch with us on 01423 330335 Option 1 or email *All prices are exclusive of VAT and professional service

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