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David Abbott & Partners, Tape Backup Failure – What would it Cost Your Business?

Imagine the scenario, you return to the office from a pleasant bank holiday weekend away to find that there has been a catastrophic server failure, which has seriously corrupted the critical data your company depends on.  Well, this is exactly the situation specialist executive recruitment firm David Abbott & Partners found itself in.
David Abbot and partners
No problem, they thought, “…we back up everything on to a special tape”. Unfortunately, their sense of security was shattered when they discovered that the back-up tape wouldn’t read.
However, David Abbott & Partners was saved from the serious business impact of a major data loss because it had recently chosen and implemented the automatic, off-site data backup and archive solution from Safely Archived.

Data – Critical to doing business

In business since 1989, David Abbott & Partners provides a dedicated, high-quality executive recruitment service to major international organisations and start-ups in the technology, media and business services sectors. 
As its founder David Abbott explained: “To maintain the quality of service necessary to address the requirements of recruiters and candidates alike, the ability to gather, store and access data, such as CVs, reports on people, etc., quickly and reliably is imperative.”

The gap between the amount of data and the technical solution 

For 10 years David Abbott & Partners had successfully relied on a local IT services company to provide the necessary hardware and software support and remove the management overhead associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure.  As part of this on-going support contract, data backup had been managed using a traditional onsite tape machine.

Choosing and implementing Safely Archived

However, on moving into a new office and the subsequent discovery of a local power outage issue, David Abbott & Partners was forced to take another look at the mechanisms it had in place not only to carry out adequate data backup but also archiving.

“We’re not experts on IT and we’ve always relied upon recommendations by those who know more about this subject than we do.  When thinking about additional data backup solutions, the simplicity, ease of implementation and use made Safely Archived very attractive,” said David. He continued, “Safely Archived also seemed to understand our budget requirements and was able to provide a cost structure that made its data backup solution a simple choice in the end.”

Having chosen an offsite data backup and archiving solution from Safely Archived, David Abbott & Partners had an operational system up and running within two days, including a couple of phone calls to discuss set up and implementation.

Data backup and restore

Literally within a few weeks of implementing Safely Archived David Abbott & Partners suffered a major data failure that could have had a serious impact upon its business continuity.  Fortunately, following one phone call to Safely Archived David Abbott & Partners was able to restore its data onto a machine separate from those that had crashed and caused the problem.

In total, it took around three weeks for the hardware suppliers to fix the underlying problem.  During this time David Abbott & Partners was never without any critical data and was able to carry on business having effectively mitigated the risk of data loss. 

About SafelyArchived

SafelyArchived are a technology services company based in England that concentrates on creating and delivering off-site backup and archiving solutions for professional and business SMEs. We see this as a market that is particularly poorly served with high quality, flexible solutions that are cost effective and ready to go. An increasing number of SMEs depend ever more heavily on data, yet few have good, robust off-site protection for their data, relying instead on out-dated manual processes and physical storage media. We provide solutions into this market sector that are specifically designed for its needs in functionality, accessibility and affordability, and deliver these through our channel partners. Contact Onesys on 0845 026 2255.

About David Abbott & Partners

David Abbott and Partners has been providing Executive Recruitment services to the Technology, Media and Business Services sectors since 1989.  We believe success in recruitment requires an affinity with a client's culture and an understanding of the position to be filled, combined with the ability first to identify and then to attract, star candidates. These attributes must be underpinned by first class communication skills and a methodical, thorough set of processes.

"To maintain the quality of service necessary to address the requirements of recruiters and candidates alike, the ability to gather, store and access data, such as CVs, reports on people, etc., quickly and reliably is imperative"
David Abbott - Founder

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