Credit Hound - Advanced Credit Control

Credit Hound is advanced credit control software, giving you the tools to work more proactively, improve cash flow and get paid faster.
  • Dashboard view - see who owes money, how much, promised cash and disputed payments
  • Pre-emptive reminders - help to encourage prompt payments
  • Automated rules and actions - allows you to automate repetitive tasks
  • Interactive aged debtor list - sort and filter in real time, no more manual checklists
  • Chase screen - see information during calls and record notes
  • Calendar reminders - keep on top of your calls with automatically scheduled and updated call reminders
  • Reporting - range of reports available to assess your efforts and highlight debtor issues
  • Consolidated chasing - chase and report at branch or head office level
  • Dispute management - tracks and records disputes
  • ERP integration - seamless integration, so no more re-keying data or manual admin
  • Quick return on investment - more available cash for your business 
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