ERP Solutions

Sage 200 Extra ERP

The Sage 200 Extra Suite is all about integration and bringing together financial management, customer relationship management and business intelligence. It is designed to help you improve business efficiency and share information effectively across your business. Additional modules support Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale & Retail, Construction and Consultancy Services.

Professional Services Integrated Solution

The Professional Services Integrated Solution helps you increase the efficiency and productivity of every business process. It ensures that customers are at the heart of your business and that you are able to exploit sales opportunities effectively. It automates and streamlines business processes to ensure you remain competitive in the professional services sector.

Global Solutions

Global 3000 (renamed OneOffice 3000) is a highly successful accounting engine which integrates seamlessly with modules supporting a wide range of industries.


OrderlineMX is a robust and affordable ERP solution designed for small to medium-sized manufacturing companies and with particular strengths in the automotive industry.


OrderlineBOX is an ERP software solution for the Packaging Industry. Designed specifically to meet the needs of corrugated box manufacturers and distributors, it streamlines business processes, and improves efficiency.