Onesys has joined forces with a number of partners who have selected us because of our extensive and long-standing experience in providing systems solutions to SMEs in UK industries such as Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing, Corrugated Packaging and Professional Services.

We understand that the systems we provide are critical to both the day to day and longer term success of our customers. Therefore our software is designed for reliability, availability and high performance. Because we and our reseller partners are sector specialists we can deliver software that meets the specific needs of our customers, right "out of the box". This means that they in turn enjoy a rapid return on their investment and genuine competitive advantage.

Sage Business Partner OnesysSage is the leading supplier of business management software and services to 5.2 million customers worldwide. From small start-ups to larger organisations, Sage make it easier for companies to manage their business processes.
Sage’s stated purpose is to help customers to run their businesses more effectively, help them to gain greater insight into their business activities and provide them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes.


Global SoftwareGlobal Business Systems has been supplying quality business management systems since 1981. In excess of 25,000 licences have been sold to organisations in over 20 countries via their international reseller and distribution network. The Global staff and those of resellers such as Onesys constitute an exceptional pool of expertise in delivering business software solutions for small and mid-sized organisations.

NCC Group are a leading provider of Escrow Solutions. An Escrow Solution is a specialised form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with NCC Group. Onesys offer this facility in conjuction with the NCC group in order to demonstrate both our commitment to corporate governance best practice and to building long term relationships with our customers. To find out more about Escrow solutions and the NCC group speak to Onesys.




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